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Battlefield 4 – Update für Commander-App

Entwickler Dice hat neben den Updates für die Playstation und der Xbox 360 auf ein Update für die Commander App auf den Systemen iOS und Android veröffentlicht. An der App wurden diverse Verbesserungen vorgenommen und Sie soll nun auch wesentlich stabiler laufen. was alles geändert bzw. verbessert wurde entnehmt Ihr bitte der nachfolgenden Patch-Notes:

Hi all!

This is the 2nd sticky all dedicated to the Battlefield 4 Commander App. You can find the old one right HERE[].

We decided to create a new thread since the old one was just about to reach 100 pages, and we want to make sure that we catch all the feedback on the new version. We at the DICE mobile team are proud to announce that the 2.0.0 version of the commander app is populating the Apple App Store and Google play throughout the world RIGHT NOW.

I want to point out that the DICE mobile team is not the same one working on the Battlelog app, so if you have any questions or comments on that one – please post it in the Battlelog forum thread.

We have listened a lot to all of your feedback here on the forums on the Commander app, and we are very thankful for all your comments and ideas.
Here are some of the updates that we think will help you become the greatest Commander you can be:
• Squad Member Visibility. You will now be able to see the player names and kits of players in a squad when it is selected
• VOIP visibility. You will now be able to tell which player in a squad is talking to you through VOIP
• Issuing orders to a squad now shows the position of all squad members while you are dragging out the order
• You can now drop squad assets (such as promotions) directly on the squad list
• If you have an XP boost active, the scoring for this will now be more visible in the UI
• Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements

A more detailed changelog can be found on the bottom of this post. Note that you will be required to update to this latest version in order to be able to play on the latest Battlefield 4 server updates that are being released.

Just as the previous thread I’ll take the opportunity to introduce two of the persons from the DICE mobile team who you will se around in this thread. Introduction of devs:

Dan aka Ohplz 
Development Director on the DICE mobile team. Fond of flying any kind of chopper, even though he isn’t particularly good at it.

Erik aka TheHelgon 
Lead Designer on the DICE mobile team. Usually sitting on a hill far away pointing a sniper rifle in your general direction. Wishes he was as good at flying as Dan.

You can find answers to a few questions below, but don’t hesitate to ask us your own. We’ll do our best to answer them. Thanks for playing!

Q: On which tablets can I play Commander?
A: For iOS, Commander works on iPad 2 and up, as well as iPad Mini, on tablets running iOS 6.1 and up. For Android, we have set the following minimum specs:
Screen sizes 7” and up
1ghz dual core
1024mb ram
1024×600 resolution
Android 4.0.3 or newer
Access to the Google Play store

Q: Where can I find the Commander app?
A: iOS: [] Android: []

Q: I play Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Can I still play Commander on tablet?
A: Absolutely! The Commander app works with any platform you can run Battlefield 4 on.

Q: How do I select a specific server to join?
A: You can select specific servers to join through the Battlelog app. Simply go into Multiplayer, select a server, and join using the “Commander” button. This will automatically launch the Commander app and join the server.

Q: How can I use VOIP to talk to the members on my team?
A: Select the squad you want to talk to, then press and hold the VOIP button on the bottom right to talk to the squad. We recommend using a headset for the best VOIP experience. VOIP is currently supported on PC and Playstation 4.

Q: What about VOIP on XBOX One?
A: This will hopefully arrive very soon.

Q: As a PC player, can I see team chat?
A: Yes! You will be able to see all chat, team chat and the selected squad’s chat.

Q: Does the app work over both 3G and WiFi?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I play as a commander on my tablet while playing as a soldier on my console/PC?
A: We want players to be fully committed when playing, you will only be able to be logged in on either the tablet or system of choice.

Q: I own BF4 on two or more systems, how do I choose which one to connect to on my tablet?
A: When you first login, you will be prompted to choose one of your active soldiers. After that, you can easily switch between them in the settings menu.

Q: Will you release tablet commander for mobile phones or windows tablets?
A: Currently we have no such plans.

You can see the more detailed changelog of the 2.0.0 update right here:
– Fixed an issue where commanders ended up on the same team after round transition.
– Assignment fixes.
– Support for Naval Strike added.
– Performance optimizations.
– Localization fixes.
– Other minor fixes.

– Gunship VO fixed.
– Added Rapid deploy VO.
– Added background audio for Second Assault and China Rising maps.

UI – New features
– HVT marking is only enabled when actually usable, possible HVT targets have blinking brackets around them.
– Added server name to scoreboard.
– Now displaying soldier names when a squad is selected.
– Squad progression bar added to squads.
– Booster score added to EOR screen
– Added indicator to show which soldier is talking on voip.
– Enabled dropping squad assets on the squad list.

UI – Bug fixes
– Rush defender icons were too large, they are now smaller.
– When the scoreboard is displayed the user can no longer issue orders or use assets.
– Commander can now see when vehicles are firing.
– Increased viewable area on several maps.
– Fixed assets getting stuck when dragged and interupted by proxy attack.
– Fixed issues with the game round timer.
– Fixed scoring widget for Rush.
– Fixed an issue where orders couldn’t be given to squads.

– Fixed mute toggle functionality.
– Added options to always show chat and hide chat.
– Improved VOIP quality on several devices.



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