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Battlefield 1 – Die Inhalte des August Patch

Entwickler Dice hat auf die Liste der Inhalte des kommenden August Patch veröffentlicht

Auch im August wird es zu Battlefield 1 wieder einen neuen Patch mit Verbesserungen und neuen Inhalten geben, den sogenannten August Patch  😉 . Auf Reddit hat Entwickler Dice nun eine Liste der Neuerungen veröffentlicht! Unter anderem wird es Verbesserungen/Änderungen an den Stationären MG´s, am Netcode, AM User Interface, an den Spawnpunktetn uvm. geben. NAchfolgend seht Ihr die komplette Liste:

Here are the notes for this update. Please be aware that these are not the full notes for when the update goes live in production.


  • Stationary MGs will no longer deal damage to nearby players when destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where the receiver of a bayonet charge would not get an audio cue before being hit.
  • Fixed issue where a 3p soldier would continue to yell (as if they were charging) even if the charge was cancelled.
  • Fixed issue where single-fire or semi-auto weapons could have part of their firing sound cut off if the player switched weapons immediately after firing.
  • Synchronized weapon firing/muzzle flash correctly to bullet firing and damage screen to improve correctness of replicated bullet logic.
  • Fixed issue that could cause weapon loadout UI to disappear under certain conditions.


  • Airplane rocket crosshair should no longer be faded.
  • Increased the turn speed of the horse by 25% while standing still.
  • Triggering a reload while galloping on the horse will no longer cause the horse to stop sprinting.
  • Horses automatically jumping over obstacles should now be much more reliable.
  • Fixed an animation bug where the reload animation would play when it shouldn’t have after getting on a horse.


  • Squad spawning improvements to reduce spawning into enemies.
  • Minor tweaks to minimize the “Spawn Train” effect.


  • Add Network Smoothing Option inside Advanced Gameplay Options for low ping players.
  • Added gameplay profile option to select whether on spawn the minimap should be reset to the default zoom or the last zoom state.
  • Implemented optional combined map zoom (on press) / big map (hold) functionality in a single button mapping.
  • Added a new option under Controls->Basic to switch between a toggle or hold for sprinting with the horse.
  • PC ONLY – In the keybindings screen mouse mappings are now shown as icons.


  • Added fix to prevent late damage effects from lossy high ping connections.
  • Fixed Vegetation destruction delays.
  • Fixed vehicle destruction so that transition to destroyed state happens flawlessly, this was particularly bad for airplanes when getting destroyed mid-air.
  • Prevent stacking damage and suppression from high ping players.


  • Fixed an issue where picking up an enemy soldier’s kit would cause the player to start speaking the enemy team’s language.
  • Added DX12 MGPU support.


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