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Battlefield 5 – Leak zum Battle Royale-Modus Firestorm aufgetaucht!

Auf Reddit ist ein Leak zum Battlefield 5 Battle Royale-Modus Firestorm veröffentlicht worden.

Laut Electronic Arts soll im Frühjahr 2019 der Battle Royale-Modus zu Battlefield 5 mit dem Namen Firestorm veröffentlicht werden. Bisher weiss man von offizieller Seite allerdings kaum etwas über den Modus. Nun aber haben Data-Miner aus Battlfield 5 Informationen über Firestorm herausziehen können und haben diese auf Reddit veröffentlicht.

Laut dem Leak gibt es 3 verschiedene Modi mit denen Firestorm zu spielen sind. Dabei handelt es sich angeblich um Solo, Duo und Squad Varianten welche jeweils mit maximal 64 Spielern gespielt werden können. Im Spiel gibt es die typischen Battlefield-Klassen zur Auswahl und es soll ein eigenes Bewertungssystem geben. Wie wir es aus den Battle Royla Spielen schon gewohnt sind, startet das Spiel mit einem Sprung aus einem Flugzeug.

Wann der Battlefield 5 Battle Royale-Modus Firestorm erscheinen wird ist noch bekannt. Aber mit den neuen aktualisierten „Daily Orders“ in Battlefield 5 tauchte eine Ingame Aufgabe auf, die den Spieler aufgefordert hat an einer Party des Firestorm Modus teilzunehmen. Ob das Ganze jetzt nur ein versehen aus dem Hause der Entwickler war, oder die Veröffentlichung des Battle Royale-Modus kurz bevor steht können wir euch leider nicht sagen. Hier müssen wir wohl entweder auf den Release oder eine Mitteilung aus dem Hause Electonic Arts warten.


Battlefield Firestorm Leak:

„Do whatever it takes to survive. Compete solo or in a team to be the last one standing in a vast and dangerous world. Scavenge for supplies, outrun the Firestorm, and fight your way to victory.“


General info and game mode start

  • three variants: solo, duo (2 player teams), squad (4 player teams) with a player maximum of 64 per match

  • typical Battlefield classes will be present / choosable (snippet: ui/shared/widgets/classinforenderwidget)

  • code shows signs of an LFG system and „backfilling“ entries

  • will have a separate ranking system

  • will (probably) occur in Tides of War – at least the code for a connection is already there

  • takes place in Norway (snippet: „/sparta/casablanca/royale/dk_norway-bd00e4f9.png“ – also the level name itself contains the word „norway“)

  • you parachute from a plane into the war zone (snippet: Paradrop_Exit)

  • your hud will show an altimeter during the free fall / flight (snippet: ui/ingame/hud/widgets/parachutealtimeter)


  • if you get shot by an enemy you enter a „downed“ state where you can crawl (but probably not fight) (snippet: DownedState_Crawl_LEFT_3)

  • there are various hints to a 3rd person camera angle but they are always tacked to the parachute start or when you get downed / killed

  • you have an inventory where you can store loot you find (snippet: UI/Ingame/Hud/Minimap/Inventroy – btw the typo is directly taken from the code)

  • loot has four types of „rarity“ (snippet: ui/rarityselection; UI/s/HUD/Loot/RarityOne, UI/s/HUD/Loot/RarityTwo, …)

  • you can find better backpacks (three tiers) to extend your inventory

  • the map features safes that can be opened (this will be tracked in your stats) (snippet: safesOpened: w(t.royale.safesOpened, 0))

  • there are dynamic objectives on the map which you can capture (e.g. „resupply points“ as mentioned later)

  • dynamic objectives may also be connected to „lockups“ / „vehicle breakouts“ mentioned in the code (snippet: w(t.royale.vehicleBreakoutsOpened, 0))


  • weapons will categorized in tiers (1-4 can be found, 0 may be some kind of start equipment)

  • the HUD can feature six types of ammo: LMG, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SMG and Sniper (snippet: ui/images/hud/ammo/ammo_lmg)

Weapon Specializations (probably not complete, just the snippets):

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Bayonet

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Bipod

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__DetachableMag

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__ExtendedMag

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__FastBullets

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__HeavyLoad

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__IncendiBullets

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__QuickADS

  • Meta/SpecTree/Primary__Slug

Healing and Armor

  • you can find / use bandages and medic bags (small and large) (snippet: s/Meta/Gadget/Medical_Supplies_smallmedpack)

  • healing probably takes some time (snippet: MedicBag_Apply_Sequence)

  • there are three named tiers of armor vests (snippet: UI/Textures/Icons/HudArmourVestTier1, …)

  • there is a kind of special „armor plate“ without any tiers (sounds like very strong armor loot?) (snippet: UI/Textures/Icons/HudArmourPlate)


  • various HUD elements give away that vehicles use fuel as a resource and therefore can’t be used without limits (probably for balancing) (snippet: ingame/hud/widgets/fuel; gameplay/schematicchannels/sc_vehiclefuel)

  • you can get vehicles by opening „vehicle breakouts“ (probably the stronger ones…tanks?)

  • the tiger and the valentine are (until now) the only tanks I could find with a direct connection to Firestorm

  • other vehicles: „Halftracknomag“, „Kubelwagen“, „Kettenkra“, „MH101ctor“ (snippet: LaVEH_Halftracknomag)

  • one interesting air vehicle snippet: „/Core/Vehicles/Air/VEH_plantuka_AI“ – could be an AI controlled Stuka (plane + stuka = plantuka?) as a reinforcement

There is a number of „blue prints“ for other vehicles (could be found by opening safes? I don’t know…):

  • Helicopter (yep!)

  • StaffCar

  • SportsCar

  • Schimmwagon

  • PickUpTruck

  • Tractor (probably the famous „MH101ctor“ mentioned above and seen in the mini teaser)


  • you can unlock and call in reinforcements (snippet: /gameplay/reinforcements/reinforcement_unlocks)

  • the following are present:

  • Artillery Strike (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/ArtilleryStrike)

  • Vehicle (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/r_vehicle)

  • Danger Zone (any ideas?) (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/r_dangerzone)

  • Supply Drop (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/r_supplydrop)

  • Strafing Run (maybe done by the AI controlled Stuka mentioned above) (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/r_strafingrun)

  • V1 Rocket (snippet: Meta/Reinforcements/r_v1rocket)


Personal profile:

  • „soloWins“

  • „duoWins“

  • „squadWins“

  • „totalDowns“

  • „totalKills“

  • „meleeKills“

  • „totalTimePlayed“

  • „totalRevives“

  • „totalHeadshots“

  • „optionalObjectivesCompleted“

  • „safesOpened“

  • „supplyDropsOpened“

  • „vehicleBreakoutsOpened“

  • „sulisObjectivesTaken“

  • „vehiclesDestroyed“

  • „totalTanksDestroyed“

  • „totalVehicleKills“

  • „roadkills“

  • „vehicleWeaponKills“

  • „averageKillsPerGame“


End of round:

  • damage

  • downs

  • gadgetKills

  • headshots

  • healingDone

  • kills

  • meleeKills

  • optionalObjectivesCompleted

  • resupplyPointsCaptured

  • revives

  • roadkills

  • safesOpened

  • supplyDropsOpened

  • tanksDestroyed

  • timePlayed

  • vehicleBreakoutsOpened

  • vehicleKills

  • vehicleWeaponKills

  • vehiclesDestroyed

Comparion screen:

  • „score“

  • „kills“

  • „playersDowned“

  • „longestHeadshot“

  • „teamKills“

  • „squadRevives“

  • „timesRevived“

That’s what I’ve got up until now. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

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