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Battlefield 5 – Liste von bekannten Problemen veröffentlicht

Entwickler Dice hat eine Liste mit bekannten Problemen zu Battlefield 5 veröffentlicht

Seit ein paar Tagen können die ersten Spieler bereits Battlefield 5 zocken (wir berichteten), trotz des 135 Seitigen Day-one-Patch hat der WW2 Shooter aber dennoch mit einigen Fehlern zu Kämpfen. Entwickler Dice hat nun eine Liste mit bekannten Problemen veröffentlicht. Sollte ein Fehler bei euch auftreten der nicht auf dieser Liste zu finden ist, freut man sich bei Dice darauf wenn Ihr Feedback geben könntet um dieses Fehler / das Problem zu identifizieren. Die Liste wird vom Community-Team live aktualisiert sodass man genau weiss wie der aktuelle Stand ist. Die Bekannten Fehler sollen schnellstmöglich behoben werden, so dass bis zum regulären Start am 20.11.2018 die meisten Fehler behoben sein sollten.

Anbei die Liste (Stand10.11.2018; 10:20 Uhr):

Bug/Issue Reporting Guide

If you’ve experienced an issue in Battlefield V, use the following brief guide to help you know where to go to get help or report it to our DICE developers.

  • What do I do if I’ve experienced an issue in Battlefield V?
    • Check the Battlefield V Known Issues below to see if we’re already tracking against it.
    • If you’ve experienced an account related issue, please reach out to our Customer Support team who has access to your account at

Below is the current running list of known issues in Battlefield V, broken down per platform.

Note: We will continually update this thread through the life cycle of Battlefield V so you know where to go in case you come across an issue. Also, watch for spoilers when reading any of the War Stories issues.


Battlefield V Known Issues

All Platforms

  • Amazon
    • Amazon offers in various regions missing / unavailable
      • When viewing the various Amazon stores, certain editions (or the product in general) does not appear to be listed, or shows as unavailable.
      • Status: Fix coming on worldwide launch.
  • Armory
    • Soldier / Clothing bundles / sets are unclear as to what they contain
      • When viewing the contents of the Soldier bundles in the Armory, it is not clear that the bundle contains both the base Torso and Leg items, but also the Rare variants. Instead, the impression is given that the legs and torso are listed twice in error.
      • Status: Current investigating.
    • Blued Set of STEN unlocks grip part instead of hand guard part as stated in its description
      • Blued Set for Sten unlocks Muzzle Barrel Receiver Magazine and GRIP instead of handguard
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Classes
    • Medic Self-Healing Representation
      • When self-healing as a Medic, and recently looting a fallen enemy’s ammo pouch, the self heal animation sometimes uses the incorrect pouch (ammo instead of health). Healing still occurs as it should though.
      • Status: Fix targeted for Chapter 1 update.
    • Issues with Medic Revival
      • Reports of inabilities to revive on server.
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Customization
    • Label on some facepaints
      • Well, facepaints do wash off, but we didn’t mean to leave that label on them.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Dog Tags & Emblems
    • Missing Alpha/Beta Dog Tags or Emblems
      • We’re working on making sure all players who should have these get them as soon as possible. We’ll be fixing this automatically as soon as we can, and we’re sorry for the delay.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Modes
    • Frontlines – Bomb(s) (on Devastation only)
      • One of the bombs may be hard/impossible to pick up for one of the teams. Worst outcome is that the match will continue in “HQ Attack” mode until the timer runs out.
      • Status: Fix targeted for Chapter 1 update.
  • Reinforcements
    • Reinforcement menu sticking
      • If you have the Reinforcement menu open when entering a vehicle, it may get stuck on your screen. While we’re working on this one, try to make sure you close the menu before spawning into a vehicle.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Rewards
    • Missing pre-order or edition items
  • Servers
    • Australian players being added to a queue then when they get to the server are immediately kicked
      • Status: Current investigating.
    • „Missing Online Access“
      • Players are prompted with the „Missing Online Access“ message at the main menu.
      • If the players don’t have any account infractions, this can often times be resolved by turning off DX12 in the video settings.
      • If that doesn’t work, they can still go ahead and contact support.
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Squads
    • Can’t join from the social screen with a full squad
      • We’re sorry, but this bug is proving tough to vanquish. If you have a full squad please join matches through the server selection screen instead.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Unlocks
    • When you reach Max Rank you no longer earn Company Coin.
      • We have identified an issue where players that have reached max rank are no longer awarded Company Coins. Players can still earn them with Special Assignments and Daily Orders.
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • User Interface
    • Platoon tag is not visible in game chat
      • Platoon tag doesn’t appear in game chat near User’s name.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Vehicles
    • Spawning into Top Turret (Tanks)
      • When squad spawning into a tank, ending up in the top turret position, sometimes you’ll end up with an incorrect representation of your weapon and arms (they don’t follow your aim). Shooting still works fine, but visually it looks off.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • War Stories
    • *SPOILER* Tirailleur – Player can bypass combat
      • Player can bypass most of the combat in the level by keeping left in the start, then right past the guard tower and far right around the crash site and running into the plane wreck.
      • Status: Current investigating.



  • Company
    • Artifact flickering present on the faces of the soldiers
      • Issue occurs for both factions and also occurs in Front-End
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Customization
    • Cannot purchase the grifter skins and the rest of the aviator colors
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Crashes
    • Stuck on black loading screen with loading spinner when joining Narvik – Airborne – via matchmaking tile
      • Status: Fix identified. Update coming soon.
    • Joining on a Grand operation during transition causes a crash / Cannot connect to a server on Grand Operations
      • Status: Happen intermittently. Currently investigating.
    • User crashes when attempting to join a server with a squad
      • Status: Current investigating.
    • Grand Operations / Conquest – User gets disconnected to FrontEnd If the user is in loading screen when the pre-round breaks
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Daily Orders
    • Daily orders to not reset at 04:00 UTC
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • DirectX
    • Micro-Stuttering
      • If you’re running on Direct X 12 and seeing microstuttering in-game, go into the Video settings in-game and toggle Direct X 12 off. Ignore the pop-up, exit back to the options screen, then restart your game.
      • Microstuttering can also be down to a driver issue, whether it’s a driver conflict or the latest driver for your graphics card not working well with Battlefield V. If you’ve already tried a clean reinstall of your graphics drivers, you may just need to wait for a new driver to fix it.
      • Status: Resolution proposed above.
  • Joining Games
    • Clicking join server button in Advanced Search does nothing
      • Status: Happens intermittently. Currently investigating.
  • Kills
    • Ragdoll effects continue to move after death
      • Ragdoll moves way more than expected.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Origin Access
    • Your trial has ended error message (Origin Access Basic)
    • Origin Premier accounts that have previously claimed BFV have lost access to it
      • Origin Premier accounts that have already claimed BFV as part of their subscription no longer have BFV in their game library.
      • Status: Fixed.
  • Ranks
    • User can’t rank up Tiger I Tank from Rank 0 to Rank 1 with more than 500xp
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Rewards
    • Rank rewards are not updated in Frontend if not on a server
      • When playing MP, you will not get your rank rewards until EOR is triggered on the server. Which means that if you leave the server before the round has ended, you will not get your items until the round has ended on server you were playing on.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Servers
    • Players are unable to start a new server via Quick Match
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • The user fails to connect to a server with only one slot left on Grand Operation
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • Players can get stuck in the spawn screen when MM into grand operations.
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • User gets stuck into an infinite loading screen while matchmaking on a server with 60 users
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • When matchmaking as a full squad some members get randomly kicked
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • UI
    • Exit function on main menu does not exit the game
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Unlocks
    • Weapons does not unlock after the user reaches level 2 on a class
      • Weapons does not unlock after the user reaches level 2 on a class. The weapons will not be sent to Shipments menu blocking the user from claiming them.
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • Completing the Single player mission TIRAILLEUR does not unlock the Coupe Coupe
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Video Options
    • Lighting is too bright in-game
      • Try switching off HDR in the video settings. Restart your game once you’ve done that and you should see a change in the lighting right away.
      • Status: Resolution proposed above.
    • Video option changes not sticking in windowed mode
      • Any changes you make to graphics settings in windowed mode currently need a restart of the game to apply, despite what the on-screen message says.
      • Status: Resolution proposed above.

Xbox One

  • Crashes
    • Game hanging on the main menu when you resume it
      • If you’ve left Battlefield V running on your Xbox One while it went into power saving mode, you’ll need to restart the game to play it.
      • Status: Resolution proposed above.
    • Quitting Round causes player to be stuck in the frontend with no UI
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • User is left in a black screen after any cinematic loading into single player content while online
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • EA Access
    • Error message sticking when you switch accounts
      • If you’re switching from an account that doesn’t have EA Access to one that does to play the Battlefield V trial, the “can’t play the trial” error message won’t go away. Quit out of the game, restart your Xbox One and make sure you log in on the gamertag that has EA Access before trying again.
      • Status: Resolution proposed above.
    • Your trial has ended error message (EA Access)
    • EA Access PFT Error Downloading
      • Players are reporting an error when attempting to download the PFT on EA Access. The error reads „Download Error. Repair and Retry“
      • Status: Currently investigating.
    • Backing out of Company progression will re-direct to BF1 Store
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Graphical
    • Extremely blocky/pixelated enemies, explosions and background
      • Status: Currently investigating.
  • Special Assignments
    • Fallschirmjäger
      • The Fallschirmjäger Special Assignment says Allied where it should say Axis.
      • Status: Current investigating.
    • Deluxe Edition Special Assignments
      • Some Deluxe Edition Special Assignments are showing as completed at end of round when only one part of them is really completed.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • VOiP
    • VOIP transmitting when you’re not speaking
      • This is definitely not intended, and we appreciate that it could be an annoyance. We’re working to fix input thresholds asap.
      • Status: Current investigating.

PlayStation 4

  • Aim Assist
    • Aim assist in vehicles
      • Aim assist isn’t working the way it should on vehicle weapons on PlayStation 4. Our engineers are working on recalibrating them.
      • Status: Current investigating.
  • Crashes
    • Hanging after an update
      • If your PlayStation 4 gets stuck at connecting when you’re applying a manifest update in Battlefield V, you may need to restart your system. We’re currently working on a fix for this.
      • Status: Current investigating.


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